Staff & Board

Board of Directors
Kate Brennan, President
Bright Health
Ericka Miller, Vice President
Andrew Wyhinny, Treasurer
Dr. Phyllis Burger, Secretary
Retiree of Concordia University
Colleen Dorsey
Learning & Human Resources Consultant
Shawn Larsen, RN, PAHM, TQMP, LSSBB
Delaney Leighton
Target Corporation
Jeff Mertens
Independent Contractor
Building, Construction & Project Management
Andy Sawyer
Dr. Jared Bostrom
PV Executive Director

Executive Staff

Jared Bostrom
Executive Director
Chris Taute, MBA
Director of Finance & IT 
 Amber M - Head Shot.png
 Amber Michalski, MA, LPCC, LADC 
Director of Operations - Residential & Non-Residential Services
Lisa Buck
Director of Development & Communications
Tanya T - head shot.png 
Tanya Tice, LADC
Director of Human Resources 

Central Access Team

Michaela Haraldson, LADC

Joe Blake

Nicholas Coffield, CPRS

Samantha Keller, CPRS

Travis Krogh, LADC

Lisa Vait, LADC

Residential Clinical Staff

PV2 - Women's Program

Renee Bowman, LADC

Juli Grage, LADC

Susan Kidd, MA, LPCC, LADC

Kim Miller-Marx, LADC

Sarah Wolfe, LADC

PV3 - Recovery Center for Men

Ann Finnerty, LADC

PV1 - Men's Residence

Erik Anderson, CPRS

Outpatient Clinical Staff

Gabe Bellows, LADC

Alex Bruning, LADC, LPCC Candidate

Maggie Erickson, MS, LPCC, LADC

Samantha Keller, CPRS

Renee O'Donnell, LADC

Faith Suckerman, LADC, LPCC Candidate 

Nursing Staff

Aziz Adam, LPN

Donna Bartow, RN

Jodie Haaland, RN

Sober Housing Staff

Jamie Steber 

Wendy Soukup