Coming To Progress Valley

Taking that first step toward a life free of susbstance use is an act of courage. Addressing chemical health and mental health issues can feel overwhelming. We’re here to help. At Progress Valley, our goal is to provide a welcoming, supportive, sober and structured treatment environment where clients can learn and heal from the chaos created by susbstance use.

Progress Valley offers a full continuum of chemical health services. We provide integrated, comprehensive and gender specific services, meeting each client’s individual needs. Clients typically begin treatment participation within a residential setting (approximately 90 days); eventually transitioning to outpatient services for ongoing recovery. Many clients also choose to build upon their recovery foundation by transferring to Progress Valley’s Sober Housing.

Our goal is to be with you throughout your life-long recovery journey!

The Process of Recovery: What Can You Expect?

Life at Progress Valley includes:

  • Cozy, residential settings for up to 20 clients at our Men's Program (PV1), up to 32 clients at our Recovery Center for Men's facility (PV3) and up to 32 clients at our Women's Program (PV2).
  • Fellowship and friendship with others in recovery
  • Individual attention from friendly, understanding, compassionate staff—some are Progress Valley alumni, offering a unique perspective (knowing much of what you may be seeing, feeling, experiencing)
  • Significant clinical services (up to 30 hours weekly) provided by caring, respectful, and qualified licensed staff
  • Structured environments, see rules and guidelines for:
  • Sober Housing
  • The opportunity to learn, grow, and begin your recovery process and journey

Your Arrival

We understand what it’s like being the new person. You may be feeling apprehensive, anxious, scared, hopeless, hopeful, excited…to name a few. You are not alone and you now have MANY genuinely caring peers and staff to help you through this process!

Upon arrival you will meet program staff, participate in an initial intake interview and be given a thorough orientation to the program. You will be given a tour and time to settle into your room. Following intake, a counselor is assigned and staff works with you to develop your individual treatment plan. All new residents are connected with a senior peer to receive immediate support and begin the process of working with others to develop strong, positive, sober relationships.

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