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Why should I choose Progress Valley?

For more than 50 years, Progress Valley has provided treatment and recovery support services. We also provide mental health care. We are a multidisciplinary team of professionals who are committed to helping you improve your health and quality of life.

We offer a wide range of services and a continuum of care designed to meet the needs of each client. This gives you choices and the ability to move seamlessly through different levels of care – all within the same network. Our services include:

  • Assessment and referral
  • Residential and non-residential substance use and co-occurring mental health treatment
  • Treatment coordination
  • Peer recovery support
  • Outpatient psychotherapy
  • Sober housing

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How do I know if Progress Valley is right for me?

Progress Valley serves a wide range of individuals. Our clients come from diverse circumstances and backgrounds. They have varying needs – mental health concerns, substance use, co-occurring disorders, relationship challenges, life cycle transitions and stressors, recovery management, and more.

We also provide substance use assessments and mental health evaluations. So you will receive recommendations and appropriate referrals, whether that is to Progress Valley or somewhere else.

To find out more about our services and determine if Progress Valley is a fit for you, contact our Central Access team to talk to a specialist who can guide you toward success.

Can you help me address my mental health concerns?

Yes! Whether you seek mental health care alone or have co-occurring substance use and mental health challenges, Progress Valley is ready to help. We have licensed mental health therapists and drug and alcohol counselors on our staff, and they work closely as integrated, multidisciplinary teams.

All of our substance use treatment programs are licensed for treatment of co-occurring disorders. Our mental health team conducts assessments, offers individual therapy, and provides case management and referrals.

We also have a mental health clinic that offers outpatient therapy to adults, regardless of whether they have substance use concerns or have received other services with Progress Valley. Those who complete our substance use programs may also see their therapist for as long as needed.

Contact our Central Access Team to learn more or schedule an appointment.

How do I sign up and how long do I have to wait?

You can schedule a substance use assessment or mental health intake right now. Or, if you have questions, contact our Central Access Team to schedule a time to talk about which program or service might be right for you.

We recognize the urgency that can come with a desire to start treatment, and our goal is to make the process as fast and smooth as possible. How soon you can begin treatment depends on the clinical recommendations from your assessment, program availability, payment options, and other factors. We’ll discuss this with you after your assessment.

Most Progress Valley services are available right away. You may even be admitted to a program the day of your assessment. Our residential program occasionally has a short wait of less than a week.

What will I have to pay?

Most substance use and mental health treatment services are covered by your insurance or the state of Minnesota. If you do not have insurance, our team can help you access resources and understand your options, including self-pay.

If you have insurance, the terms of different plans vary. You may have to pay for part of your treatment through a deductible, a copay, or coinsurance. If so, we can create a payment plan that will work for you.

If you have questions about your options, eligibility or coverage, contact our Central Access Team.

How long will my treatment take?

It depends. Each person’s goals and clinical needs are unique. We offer personal substance use assessments and mental health evaluations, and create individualized treatment plans for each person.

Research on effective treatment for addiction has shown that most people need at least three months to make significant changes with substance use, and better outcomes occur with longer time periods. We have a continuum of clinical services that allows you to increase or decrease the level of care to match your needs.

For outpatient mental health services, the length of treatment varies greatly. You work with your therapist for ongoing assessment, recommendations, and a treatment plan to meet your needs.

When will I know when I am ready to complete treatment?

This can feel like a difficult decision, especially when you have had success within the supportive environment of a treatment program. Our team recognizes these challenges, and we know how to help you prepare for the next step. Your counselor will perform ongoing assessments to monitor progress, and they will work with you to create goals and treatment plans.

Progress Valley has a continuum of services that includes flexible treatment options and the ability to gradually step down the intensity of treatment as you increase other activities in your life. If needed, you can temporarily increase support or access other services during your journey.

Of course, our professional clinical recommendations and services are resources for you to make your own best decisions about your health care. When to discontinue services – even if on a different timeline than we recommend – is ultimately your choice.

Can I go to work or school when I’m in residential substance use treatment?

Our residential substance use programs are an intensive level of care, in which you focus full-time on your healing, treatment, and recovery. As you step down to lower levels of care, you are able to work, volunteer or go to school, and these activities are often key aspects of your recovery. We support and encourage people to engage in meaningful activities outside of treatment whenever possible.  Our Central Access Team can answer your questions about balancing work and treatment at Progress Valley.

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Where is Progress Valley?

Our facilities are in Minneapolis, St. Paul, Richfield and Bloomington, MN. For more details about the location of different services, visit our Contact Us page.

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Life can be hard, and the road ahead isn’t always clear. But you don’t have to walk it alone. Find your next step at Progress Valley. Contact one easy number, 952-956-3100, for new clients and existing clients scheduling their next appointment.

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Founded in 1972, Progress Valley is a Minneapolis-St. Paul area-based nonprofit provider of services for people with emotional and mental health challenges and/or substance use issues related to drugs or alcohol. Community members can find therapy and mental health counseling at our Bloomington Mental Health Clinic. Clients from all over Minnesota and the nation can find help with substance use challenges with us as well.


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