Drug & Alcohol Use Questionnaire

Wondering if you may have a drug and/or alcohol problem? Listed below are a few questions to help you examine your using behaviors.

  1. Is your substance use taking up more and more of your time? Have you felt the need to cut back on your use? Is your substance use getting out of control?

  2. Have you experienced increased tolerance? Are you using more at one time and/or using more often?

  3. Do you find yourself using immediately upon waking to lessen “hangover” or in order to “tackle the day”?

  4. Are you experiencing an increase in negative consequences? Increased difficulty with family and/or friends? Legal issues? Workplace issues?

  5. Are the people who care about you commenting on or criticizing your alcohol or drug use?

  6. Have you tried to decrease, control or eliminate your alcohol or drug use with little or no success?

  7. Are you experiencing physical symptoms from quitting such as sweating, nausea, vomiting, etc. or emotional symptoms like anxiety, irritability, and/or cravings?

  8. Do you feel bad or guilty about your alcohol and/or drug use?

If you use alcohol and/or drugs and you can answer “Yes” to some of these questions, you may benefit from participating in a chemical health assessment/evaluation. Please contact our Intake Staff for further assistance.