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If you’re asking yourself questions like “How much is too much alcohol?” or “Am I addicted to meth, cocaine or other substances?”, call Progress Valley. We’re here to listen and answer your questions. Or, if you’re ready to schedule a substance use assessment, book an appointment online now.

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Progress Valley is Here to Help

Are you wondering how many drinks a week is considered “too much”? Has a friend or family member asked you to find help? Are you having trouble at work or school? Or maybe someone in the legal system is requiring you to seek help.

No matter your situation, one of our licensed alcohol and drug counselors is ready to meet with you. And booking an assessment online is just a few clicks away.

A counselor will listen to your concerns during a one- to two-hour confidential meeting. They will talk with you about your life — your drug or alcohol use, treatment history, physical and emotional health, work, recreation, and your home and family.

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When the alcohol and drug assessment is complete, the counselor will determine whether you may need a referral to treatment. But you will be in charge of deciding the next steps in your treatment and recovery journey.

Low-Cost or Free Confidential Substance Use Assessments

Progress Valley provides no-fee substance use assessments to eligible Hennepin County, Minnesota, residents.  Or your insurance may cover the assessment. If you pay yourself, the cost is $175. Just contact us to find out the cost, if any, to you.

Your assessment will be completely confidential. No one will have access to your results without your written consent. If you do need us to send a copy of the assessment to another party (e.g., attorney, social worker, probation officer, etc.), please bring their contact information.

We’re Waiting to Talk to You
Take the next step and call or email us today. We’ll listen, answer your questions and — when you’re ready — schedule your substance use assessment. Or, use our online calendar to make the appointment yourself. Don’t wait to put yourself on the path to health and wellness.

Book Your Assessment Online

Don’t wait! Use our convenient online system to schedule your substance use assessment. We have times available that will fit your schedule. And you can choose an in-person or virtual appointment.

How Long Do I Wait for Treatment?

We understand the urgency to start treatment right away, and we work to make the process as fast and smooth as possible.

How soon you begin depends on the clinical recommendations from your assessment and other factors. But most Progress Valley services are available right away. Sometimes, you can be admitted to a program the same day of your assessment.

If you have questions about timing, talk to one of our Central Access Team specialists.

Start your journey here.

Life can be hard, and the road ahead isn’t always clear. But you don’t have to walk it alone. Find your next step at Progress Valley. Contact one easy number, 952-956-3100, for new clients and existing clients scheduling their next appointment.

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Founded in 1972, Progress Valley is a Minneapolis-St. Paul area-based nonprofit provider of services for people with emotional and mental health challenges and/or substance use issues related to drugs or alcohol. Community members can find therapy and mental health counseling at our Bloomington Mental Health Clinic. Clients from all over Minnesota and the nation can find help with substance use challenges with us as well.


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