Second to None

Hi! My name is Mark and I want to tell you what Progress Valley has done for me AND what they are still doing for me!

Upon leaving Fairview Riverside Hospital I came to the realization that I really needed to have structure in my life and a safe, sober environment to live in while I worked on putting my life back together. Well, I found this at Progress Valley with the help of staff that I feel is “second to none.” PV staff was instrumental in my education and my growth. Following my completion of the men’s residential treatment program I moved into Progress Valley’s Sober Housing.

Because of the help that I’ve received from Progress Valley I now have a relationship with my mother and father, I am working on my relationship with my siblings and have been given the chance to rebuild a life with my wife. Progress Valley provided me with the tools and showed me that I DO have the courage to dream. And that I can work toward and accomplish those dreams! Progress Valley has given me the chance to fulfill one of these dreams—to become a culinary instructor! PV has helped me find a new way of dealing with life and provided me with the encouragement and courage to have dreams. I know that I can indeed achieve my goals! And for all of that, I am very grateful!