Andy Sawyer

Treasurer • He/Him/His
Andy Sawyer

Having built a career helping manage finances for large corporations, Andy has developed a passion to help others on my team march toward a common goal. The work of many rowing in one direction can change lives, and he is committed to doing his part. Andy’s personal journey in recovery plays a critical role in his everyday life and makes him a better husband and father.

Andy and his wife have twin daughters. They know that service is a huge part of their responsibility and an opportunity to show them the beauty in this world. He is proud to be associated with Progress Valley because the work the amazing team does every day changes the world for generations to come one day and moment at a time.

Job Title & Employer: Senior Finance Manager, Best Buy

They Believed in Me

“This is a good program for people who are trying to get better. When no one believed in me, they did, and now I am a new person. Progress Valley really works.” — Progress Valley alum

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Founded in 1972, Progress Valley is a Minneapolis-St. Paul area-based nonprofit provider of services for people with emotional and mental health challenges and/or substance use issues related to drugs or alcohol. Community members can find therapy and mental health counseling at our Bloomington Mental Health Clinic. Clients from all over Minnesota and the nation can find help with substance use challenges with us as well.


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