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Progress Valley is not just for people struggling with alcohol or drug use. We provide mental health evaluations and counseling for everyone — whether or not you have a co-occurring substance use problem.

Specialists Who Care in Bloomington

You can access convenient in-person mental health care in Bloomington, near Minneapolis, or through telehealth appointments anywhere in Minnesota. Our licensed counselors specialize in many types of mental health care.

You Don’t Need a Diagnosis to Ask for Help

You may be asking, “How do I know if I’m depressed?”, “Is there help for my anxiety?”, or “What does it mean when I feel like this?”. Whether you have an ongoing concern or a new challenge in your life — like relationship help or post-partum depression, Progress Valley can help you find answers to your questions.

Your mental health evaluation will take approximately 90 minutes. The therapist will ask lots of questions. The more information that you can share, the better the recommendations you’ll receive. After learning about you and your concerns, your mental health counselor will determine your diagnosis (if any) and make recommendations or referrals. In follow-up appointments, you and your therapist will work together to set goals and create a treatment plan.

Your Assessment May Be Covered by Insurance

Most insurance companies cover the cost of a mental health assessment, although you may be responsible for a copay or deductible. If you want to pay yourself, the cost is $175. Our Central Access Team specialists can answer your questions about payment.

How Do I Know Where to Start?
You can book a mental health evaluation online now. Or, if you’re not sure what you need or want, talk to our Central Access Team. They’ll help you select a therapist who can determine your needs and help you find a path to wellness.

How Long Do I Wait for Treatment?

We understand the urgency to start treatment right away, and we work to make the process as fast and smooth as possible.

How soon you begin depends on the clinical recommendations from your assessment and other factors. But most Progress Valley services are available right away. Sometimes, you can be admitted to a program the same day of your assessment.

If you have questions about timing, talk to one of our Central Access Team specialists.

Start your journey here.

Life can be hard, and the road ahead isn’t always clear. But you don’t have to walk it alone. Find your next step at Progress Valley. Contact one easy number, 952-956-3100, for new clients and existing clients scheduling their next appointment.

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Founded in 1972, Progress Valley is a Minneapolis-St. Paul area-based nonprofit provider of services for people with emotional and mental health challenges and/or substance use issues related to drugs or alcohol. Community members can find therapy and mental health counseling at our Bloomington Mental Health Clinic. Clients from all over Minnesota and the nation can find help with substance use challenges with us as well.


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