Focusing on the Unique Needs of Women

At Progress Valley Women’s Program, our approach is women-centered and incorporates the experience and knowledge of women in recovery. This means issues concerning relationships, self-esteem, sexuality, spirituality, and trauma are dealt with in an understanding, compassionate, and empathetic manner in a safe and nurturing community environment. Our goal is to empower each woman to make positive changes in her life.

Clients receive comprehensive, intensive chemical and mental health treatment that includes one-on-one counseling, individualized treatment planning, group therapy, family programming, medication monitoring, case management, community referrals and more.

Women’s Program Highlights:

  • Co-Occurring Disorders Program – Developed by Dartmouth Medical School with Hazelden, this curriculum teaches clients ways to manage recovery of both chemical dependency and mental health issues.
  • Body Image Group – Women receive education and support in healthy eating behaviors and emotional responses to body image. This group addresses shared characteristics of substance abuse and eating disorders that include: preoccupation, craving, compulsive behaviors, secretiveness, rituals, mood-altering effects, and high relapse rate.
  • Relationship Group – This is a weekly group that covers topics such as healthy communication, dealing with significant others, development of a healthy support system, and reintegration with the family system.
  • Self-Care Group – This is an interactive educational series with an emphasis on stress management, spirituality, nutrition, therapeutic recreation, and more.
  • Medical Services – A full-time nurse is available to assist clients with their health and medication management needs. Assistance with scheduling medical appointments is available. Weekly health lectures focus on topics important to women in recovery.


  • 24/7 Awake Staff
  • Chemical Dependency Technicians
  • Director of Operations
  • Program Manager
  • Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselors
  • Master’s Level Mental Health Therapists
  • Nurse
  • Peer Recovery Specialist

Outpatient Treatment Services

Progress Valley Outpatient Services provide an opportunity to remain connected to staff and peers while gaining support for the new and ongoing challenges of a sober lifestyle. Typically, outpatient services begin at the end of the client’s residential program at Progress Valley when the individual client takes the lead in their discharge planning and creating a Transition Plan with their counselor. Family members and other professionals may be included in the planning if the situation warrants or the client requests.

Outpatient treatment services are also available to appropriate clients not having participated in a Progress Valley residential setting. Interested parties should contact the Intake staff for further information.