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In early recovery, it helps to have a safe and stable place to live. Progress Valley offers several locations for housing near Minneapolis-St. Paul. Our long-term housing options are more than just a place to live — they’re a recovery community. Residents have the time, structure, and support to build a strong foundation to meet their goals in long-term recovery.

What’s PV’s Housing Program Like?

While living in our housing, you’ll work closely with Progress Valley staff and peers, and engage with community resources. In a safe, supportive learning environment, you’ll acquire recovery and living skills that you’ll need to increase your independence.

You will participate in community-related sober activities while working, volunteering, or continuing your education. We ask that residents make a three-month commitment to living with us, and some stay up to three years. The length of your stay will depend on when you feel ready to move to a new living situation.

Why Choose Progress Valley?

  • Housing Program has locations near Minneapolis-St. Paul
  • Fully dedicated staff members who are available 24/7
  • Access to experienced clinical professionals who hold regular individual and group meetings
  • Separate facilities for men and women
  • Two bedroom shared housing units
  • Large recovery network and peer support groups
  • Close proximity to AA/NA and other community support meetings, jobs, and transportation
  • Fifty years of experience providing recovery support services

Your Commitment to PV’s Housing Program near Minneapolis-St.Paul

To choose Progress Valley’s Housing Program, you must be:

  • At least 18 years year old
  • Sober and chemical free for a minimum of four weeks or transferred directly from residential or nonresidential treatment
  • Willing to have a roommate, live respectfully in shared housing, and participate actively in a recovery community that offers ongoing support, accountability, and friendship
  • Able to work, attend school, or volunteer full-time
  • Able to pay for your housing and living expenses — our housing program is not covered by insurance
  • Willing to commit to a three-month stay and pay a deposit and the first month’s rent before you move in
  • Able to appreciate and learn from people from diverse backgrounds
  • Motivated to work each and every day on your recovery journey

Ready for our Housing Program Near Minneapolis-St. Paul?
Contact our Central Access Team to ask about what PV’s Housing Program is like or request an application. Applications must be received no later than two weeks before your anticipated move-in date. The sooner you apply, the sooner you can join our welcoming recovery community.

Expanded Housing Program in the Twin Cities

In 2022, Progress Valley purchased three housing facilities in Minneapolis and St. Paul. These locations — in addition to our sites in Richfield and Bloomington — significantly increased our spaces for individuals in recovery. Each housing location offers a supportive environment and access to professional staff. All are close to treatment locations, public transit and job opportunities.

Do I Have to Be in Treatment to Live in PV’s Housing?

No. But many people who live and engage in our  housing program are also participating in treatment at Progress Valley or with another provider. We welcome everyone who seeks a supportive place for a sober lifestyle.

Need Some Short-Term Financial Help?

Our Housing Program is not covered by insurance. If you’re not quite ready to return to work and pay your rent and living expenses, Progress Valley has some temporary scholarships available. Ask our Central Access Team for details.

Start your journey here.

Life can be hard, and the road ahead isn’t always clear. But you don’t have to walk it alone. Find your next step at Progress Valley. Contact one easy number, 952-956-3100, for new clients and existing clients scheduling their next appointment.

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