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Progress Valley has multiple levels of outpatient rehab that are individualized for your needs. Options include Intensive Outpatient) with Lodging, the IOP program, and other outpatient services near Minneapolis-St. Paul in Bloomington, MN.

Our continuum of care for outpatient treatment ranges from 25 hours of clinical services per week to 2 hours of continuing care each week. Your assessor or counselor will work with you to determine where to start in that continuum and at what pace to decrease the frequency of your treatment. Typically, outpatient treatment lasts from 90 to 180 days, depending on your individual needs. But some people choose to stay engaged for up to a year.

Intensive Outpatient Program with Flexibility and Peer Support

In outpatient treatment, you choose to live at home or where you want. You meet with a licensed drug and alcohol counselor and attend groups during the day or in the evening — whatever fits your schedule.

At Progress Valley we make sure that you’re getting the care you need. Your counselor will work with you to set goals and personalize your treatment plan. They’ll listen to your feedback. If a different kind of treatment will work better for you, we will connect you with a counselor who specializes in another type of care — such as Twelve Step facilitation or CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy).

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When you enroll in the Intensive Outpatient Program, you will also have access to peer support specialists. They are individuals like you who have struggled with substance use. Now, they have been sober for at least a year, and they have completed an intensive training program to learn how to support others who are navigating early recovery.

Our peer support specialists meet you where you are. They help you explore options and find a recovery support system that works for you as you face the challenges of early recovery or choose a sober lifestyle, if that is your goal.

Everyone is Welcome
Our intensive outpatient program is available to anyone — whether you are transitioning from Progress Valley’s residential services, have received treatment at another place, or are taking your first step toward recovery. Connect with someone on our Central Access Team to learn more.

Not Sure If You Need or Want Treatment?

You can use our convenient online system to schedule a confidential substance use assessment. You will meet in-person or virtually with a licensed drug and alcohol counselor.

Meet Our Counselors

Progress Valley has an experienced team of counselors who have worked with people in situations like yours. Call to find out more.

Start your journey here.

Life can be hard, and the road ahead isn’t always clear. But you don’t have to walk it alone. Find your next step at Progress Valley. Contact one easy number, 952-956-3100, for new clients and existing clients scheduling their next appointment.

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Founded in 1972, Progress Valley is a Minneapolis-St. Paul area-based nonprofit provider of services for people with emotional and mental health challenges and/or substance use issues related to drugs or alcohol. Community members can find therapy and mental health counseling at our Bloomington Mental Health Clinic. Clients from all over Minnesota and the nation can find help with substance use challenges with us as well.


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